Fries to Lapland

Building has started!

What a month! Since the end of ’21 we were preparing the actual building. Our initial plan to have a local builder complete the walls/roof construction fell apart due to availability and also because it’s a relatively small build (30m2) which makes it expensive to mobilise a build team. So we decided on a DIY… Continue Reading →

“End-of-winter” trip and big cabin news!

(This was supposed to be published in April, and it feels a bit weird posting in the middle of summer, but life happens…) A trip in March. A multi-purpose trip: cabin maintenance/renovation: before demolition, we needed to clear it out as much as possible. work related: as our goal is to move to Lapland, I… Continue Reading →

Crazy about Finland?!

One could say I’m slightly obsessed about Finland, but here are some good reasons: (some you will recognise from previous posts) *Please note that this post has some affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Finland continues to be the happiest country in… Continue Reading →

6 weeks in Finland

August 16 2020, 11 AM: Car is packed, trailer is loaded, dogs are walked, and I leave from Zaventem to Travemunde. The expected drive time was 7 hours but in all it took me more then 10, because of the heat. I stopped every 2 hours to take the dogs for a stroll and more… Continue Reading →

Why are we moving to Finland and Lapland?

Long before I met my fiancĂ©e Nina I had visited Finland a few times. Being that I’m a sleddog owner, it’s heaven on earth. I spent some time in the 90ies there, and also in Sweden. Loving a country is like falling in love; you tend to romanticise everything (and I’m well aware that this… Continue Reading →

Learning Finnish: Pandora’s Box or A Piece of Cake?

When Nina and I started dating, I did not know one word of Finnish. Despite having been in Finland before, never crossed my mind. But I’m a sucker for challenges. During a walk in a forest near Brussels, I learned my 2 first Finnish words: nokkonen and saniainen (nettles and ferns). Of course I had… Continue Reading →

How do we travel?

Since I have a profound fondness for driving (not necessarily fast) because it allows you to view more of a country or region, it was clear that driving would be it. Multiple routes are available: Brussels – Stockholm: driving via the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and then onto the ferry/cruise to Turku. 1835 km driving… Continue Reading →

Another Blog?

Yes, another blog. The reasons behind it are for another post, but first things first: introductions! We, Nina and Gys (or Gijs) are a Finnish-Belgian couple, met in 2015 in Brussels, and for now we’re living in Zaventem, a small town near Brussels. Our goal is to move to Finland, Lapland to be more precise,… Continue Reading →

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